Monday, 6 October 2014

The story continues.......

To thank the brave sir simon, lady Nicki decided to invite him for a romantic home cooked meal for two.
A decision Milly was not impressed with until Simon produced a juicy bone for her.
After a romantic meal and a few glasses of wine, Simon got down on one knee and gave Nicki a ring (a Haribo ring).

Lady Nicki was overwhelmed by the chivalry of the good night Sir Simon.  She could not stop thinking about him so decided to send him
a medieval text message on ye olde blackberry inviting him for a romantic home cooked dinner.

Lady Nicki slaved away all evening to ensure that she produced a meal fit for a Knight in shining armour.
As the candlelight flickered Sir Simon noticed that the Princess Milly Cent was unimpressed that she was having to share the attentions of Lady Nicki with him.

Sir Simon came up with a cunning plan to pacify the jealous canine princess.  He immediately produced a juicy bone to the delight of Princess Milly Cent, who greedily grabbed the bone and disappeared with it under the table for the rest of the evening. 

Now Princess Milly Cent was out of the way, Sir Simon could concentrate on wooing Lady Nicki!!!!  They finished their meal and downed copious amounts of mead until Lady Nicki's wine cellar was empty and their glasses were drained.

By this time Sir Simon was feeling very romantic and frisky.  The copious amounts of alcohol had made him extremely amorous.  He realised that the fates had brought Lady Nicki and himself together forever, so he decided to follow his heart.  On his horse back journey to Lady Nicki's castle, Sir Simon had called in to ye olde pound land and bought a bag of Haribo. He reached into the bag and grabbed a ring.  Fueled with passion, he got down on one knee and placed the ring on Lady Nicki's finger.
They looked at each other and both said at the same time "peace at last, finally we have some time alone without being stalked by the gruesome twosome....jenny and gabriella!!!!" 

There were a few other pics that nearly made the story.........


and the classic Milly the Beast devouring the ring!!!

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~d said...

Oh! This is wonderful! I read most of this Saturday-somewhere!!-but the pics def help complete it.