Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chapter 4 - The story in full!!

Chapter 4... 
Sir Fred had to cross the Pool to " Liver "!! To rescue his fair Wilma from the Evil Lambanas !! 
Whom had stolen Princess Milly and taken her to the Cavern !! ..... The quest continues ....

Because of the reputation of the evil lamb bananas, Sir Fred considers it imperative that he calls for the assistance of the Senior Service.
He sends out a call via the Pixel Lounge on his olde worlde lap top, for Nat Stewart to rally the troops. Sir Fred embarked on the Mersey Ferry to cross the pool to Liver.  As the Ferry docked in Liver, HMS Tyne was already in port awaiting further orders from Sir Fred.
En route, Sir Fred, always ready for a photo opportunity, decided to pass some time by getting out his digital.  He took a number of pics and was especially amused by this particular one.

Before disembarking from the Ferry, Sir Fred double checked
he had arrived at the right destination and was reassured when he spotted this sign.

As time was of the essence, immediately after disembarking from the Ferry, Sir Fred leaped on to a City Bike! ;-)
He peddled furiously to the operational headquarters of the evil lamb bananas.

The headquarters were headed up by the exceptionally evil Tiger Lamb banana. (evil cackle mwhahaha).

Sir Fred arrives on the city bike ;-) at the scene of the crime.  He is horrified and distressed to see the fair Wilma imprisoned under lock and key, guarded by the evilest of evil lamb bananas, Tiger lamb banana!!!  Sir Fred takes the evil Tiger banana by surprise and uses his ninja bedrock skills to flatten the Tiger.  He grabs the keys and frees fair Wilma from behind bars.

 As they make their escape, the evil lamb banana shouts after them with his dying breath..."you may have rescued the fair Wilma, but you will never be able to penetrate my security system at the Cavern, where I have entrapped Princess Milly Cent of Tranmere!!!

Sir Fred and Fair Wilma arrived at Mathew Street full of sound and fury!  They make a bee line for the The Cavern - the most famous club in the world!  As Sir Fred arrives at the door of the Cavern, he can hear Princess Milly barking inside. He turns round to tell the Fair Wilma, but she is no where to be seen!!!

Sir Fred can't believe his eyes!!!  He has risked life and limb to cross the pool to Liver to battle with the evil lamb bananas to rescue fair Wilma and Princess Milly Cent, only to find that the fair Wilma has been distracted from the task in hand!!!!!! ..................

Fair Wilma rejoins Sir Fred in their quest to rescue Princess Milly Cent.  As the battle that ensued is of a violent nature, Facebook as indeed Blogger have also deleted the pics from their records, due to the official secrets act and the involvement of The Senior Service.  Suffice to say, Princess Milly Cent was safely rescued.  As Sir Fred, Fair Wilma and Princess Milly Cent made their way back to the ferry terminus, they glanced up at a passing tour bus!
They were not surprised at all to see the gruesome twosome Gabriella and Jenny, heavily disguised in the front seats!!!!!  They had been stalking the intrepid duo and had overseen all of the action!
You will all be relieved to know that Princess Milly is now happily ensconced back at Fair Wilma Towers.

Her only reminder of her ordeal is a flyer which she picked up as a souvenir of her adventure!  THE END....we doubt it!  :-) 

Story and pictures by...... Sir Fred aka as Simon and The Fair Wilma aka Nicki for Facebook's Pixel Lounge and Si's Magical Picture Show!!


tsduff said...

Hi Simon! You sure put a lot of work into THAT! :)

SIMON said...

Thanks Terry! It was so much fun..... The things you do for a new photo group and a new woman!!
Only thing is so many more people get to know how mad you really are!!

There are 3 earlier chapters all on this blog too - have you seen them?

Hope all is good with you.