Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pictures at an exhibition

Three of my pics are at this exhibition....... It's so much fun!! Can't even tell you which ones!! Ha Ha!!


Well I have to say the exhibition is still on and wow, you'll never guess what - one of my pictures has been sold!! I am over the moon, it's for charity and a good charity, all details of the whole concept, the exhibition and the charity can be found at the link above.

Many thanks indeed to one of my newer Facebook friends who bought it! So what about you others? I can now give very subtle clues as to my other two pictures still waiting to be owned by you!! Of course if you want to just browse all the other amazing pics then of course do so, there is some amazing work there.

One of the unsold features two cruise ships in Madeira........ sly little view? CLICK >>> HERE while the other an animal in Cheshire...... Go on CLICK >>> HERE, you know you want to!!

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