Sunday, 3 March 2013

Quiet Sunday

Sunday morning in Sleepyville is the quietest of all times... ever. The only shop that is open on a Sunday is the hardware shop opposite but that doesn't open until 10.
Today was quite different in not just one but two ways!
My only complaint may be that it all started at 7.30 which for a Sunday is really quite early in anybody's book!
Big crane on the back of an equally big truck, two cherry pickers, pneumatic drill, angle grinders and loads of extra vivid tools and accesories. Right outside my bedroom and living room windows as they replaced the lamp post!
Then before 9.30 a huge, controlled fire out of my kitchen window as the new owners next door cleared all the bushes for more parking space!!
Say no more!! It was the most exciting Sunday ever!!

Especially of course for a photographer!! 
Though I don't normally take too many pictures through my windows I did today!! Front and back!!

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