Wednesday, 5 September 2012

So what time is it really?

An analemmatic (Oh wow what an unfortunate word! More stories on checking that word out and *other* things will appear over on 
Wilko News Too at some point in the future, promise!) 
clock or sundial in Port Sunlight, which I have seen many times but have never even believed worked! Though last time I was there it was pouring with rain!! 
Rule #1 - you must have the sun!! That is for any sundial by the way!! So yesterday I had the sun and the correct shadow! Oh and the camera!! So what time was it? What do you think?

(Hint :The side of my head in the shadow is nearly on the 2 in the inner circle, it is my shoulder on the 1.)

If you said nearly 2 o clock you would be right!

It was 1.50!! 
I'm still very impressed!!

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