Saturday, 15 September 2012


So why "Random"? Each picture is mine and before today was not edited,  nor captioned.
Folders hold between 10 and 1000 pictures in date and category order and I have no real clue as to what is in them before I open them. Including sub folders there are probably nearly 200 folders on my hard drive. I randomly choose the folder and have 20 minutes to edit and caption any picture from that folder!!

Small things and small minds, yeah I know!! 

So here are last nights selections!!
~ Hope you like them!!

If you don't recognise this, the lyrics from Ferry Cross The Mersey with
yeah a Ferry on the Mersey!!!

For the record the folders were called, HMS LPOOL, Jun #3 and Chi #4!! See no clue!! 

I wonder if after this coupling is it right to still call these Virgin Trains?

From the top of Willis Tower, Chicago, the tallest building in the USA.
Everything it says on the tin then!!

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