Sunday, 15 April 2012

Balmoral recreates Titanic without iceberg incident.

So this is the "BALMORAL" which left Southampton on Tuesday (10th April) and calling at Le Havre and Cobh  held a memorial service above the wreck of "TITANIC" in the small hours of this morning, recreating the maiden voyage of the fated White Star liner, exactly 100 years ago.
While it was in Liverpool recently I checked whether there was adequate 'Iceberg detecting system' in operation and counted carefully the number of lifeboats. Everything checked out fine, however Fred Olsen, owners of the "BALMORAL" never claimed that this ship would never sink, so all was in order!!
After the memorial service "BALMORAL" is sailing to Halifax, where the majority of the survivors where landed by the Cunard Lines "CARPATHIA"

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