Wednesday, 26 October 2011

So how many pics did you take?

Believe it or not folks but the numbers aren't yet up for the Cuba trip! My guess is 4500!!
"Well it was eleven days!"
I don't want this to look like a litany of excuses but there are a seemingly large amount of pictures that I did not take or it just was not possible to take.
Rule #1 Do not take any pictures featuring the Police or the Military and consequently anything they are watching over, or even if they appear within the crowd.
Rule #2 Sometimes it is easier to not take the picture if you are being 'persuaded to pay' for it. This is just begging and is not worth it.
Rule #3 Nature in Cuba is just as 'fast' as anywhere else but a little more unpredictable. I know how long for example how a squirrel may stay still for you or before a magpie will turn its back. But things I've never seen before?

Anyway the jury's still out I'm still turning them, deleting them and tweeking them, so I ask for your patience for just a few more days, with just the odd one here and on Facebook for the moment. 

Stories will start appearing on Wilko News Two very shortly too.

On reflection...... here is me taking a picture off the tour bus, who am I? The only one taking a picture of course!!

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